Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read completely before purchasing any course at Tabani’s Ecademy 
Tabani’s Ecademy is the on-line study support provided by Tabani’s School of Accountancy.
Each time you purchase a course with us, you enter into a contractual arrangement with Tabani’s Ecademy and therefore you express your understanding of the following terms and conditions.
2.1 Updates
Tabani’s Ecademy  reserves the right to update its terms and conditions as and when required and the updated version will be available on the website for ease of access.
2.2 Pre-requisites for you – the learner
For use of our on-site content, you need to have access to the following:
  • A computer system, laptop or smart device. Videos can be accessed using any of the above but access to the Practice Platform is possible using a PC or laptop only.
  • A strong internet connection ,i.e, Minimum internet speed is 5 Mbps.
  • Access via Google Chrome is recommended
  • A valid credit/debit card (enabled for international transaction) 
Tabani’s Ecademy  is not responsible for any delays or problems that may arise due to unavailability of either of the above.
2.3 Fee Information
  • Purchase fee is non-refundable.
  • 100% of the fee for the course purchased must be deposited in advance to complete the admission process.
  • Discounts are only available in the event of a promotional campaign or specific offer made by the management in which case a promo code is provided to the student, at the time of enrolment.
  • Promotional campaigns are run at the management’s discretion and courses purchased in a campaign are not eligible for freeze or transfer.
  • Only one coupon code can be applied on the purchase of a single course.
Essential Learner Record Information
  • Learners are required to provide accurate and current information where required.
  • Any changes in the details must be informed via e-mail to info@tabanisecademy.com
  • Tabani’s Ecademy  will not be responsible for any e-mail correspondence not being delivered due to a change in the shared details, if not informed timely.
Course Cancellation
In case of unavoidable circumstances, Tabani’s Ecademy  reserves the right to cancel a course at any time.
Course Transfer/ Freeze
Freeze/transfer: This is when a student wishes to defer the access to the course/ product purchased to a later exam attempt session.
Discounts and Scholarships
  • The CS team will share a discount code with the students post receiving proof of results
  • The discount will become invalid if not utilized within that attempt.
Students are free to complain or give suggestion on the provided email address on our homepage. , they should e-mail at complaints@tabanisecademy.com
Expected time for the complaint to be resolved is 3 – 5 working days.
The email is daily checked by designated staff, which is than reported to HOD and any action required is taken in accordance.
Students can also informally complain on our provided whatsapp number. +923238790894, which is mentioned on our website. 
If your complain is related to ACCA than you can contact acca via this email, info@accaglobal.com
Learner obligations
  • Read through and understand the terms and conditions
  • Review the details of the course available on the Tabani’s Ecademy  website and clarify any doubts or queries you may have before
  • purchasing a course. Queries can be e-mailed at info@tabanisecademy.com
  • Provide the correct and current information on the enrolment form
  • Use a valid on-line credit/ debit card 
  • Do not share your log-in details and password details with anyone else. In case of a breach, you are required to immediately inform Tabani’s Ecademy  
  • Access through multiple devices is not allowed.
Please note: Accessing the study room in incognito mode counts as a unique system log-in.
  • Once registered follow the shared study plan to make the most of the structured support made available.
The study plan will include a recommendation for the approved study text, where applicable but Tabani’s Ecademy  will not be providing you with any hardcopy/ softcopy of the study text or practice kit of any approved publisher.
  • Meeting the deadlines for the assignments (only applicable for Comprehensive Study Support course) and mock assessment (only available for Comprehensive Study Support and Exam Success course), so that they can be marked in time.
  • For any quality concerns or challenges faced, e-mail at info@tabanisecademy.com or your dedicated academic counsellor.
  • Stay in contact with your dedicated academic counsellor to maintain your progress and reach out to your tutor for any academic queries. (Study support features available only for Comprehensive Study Support courses)
Tabani’s Ecademy  Obligations
  • Before registering for a course we will deal with all of your queries shared on the website chat (immediately) or via e-mail on info@tabanisecademy.com (within 3 working days) and provide you the relevant and up-to-date information about the course and the product.
  • Post registering for the course, we will deal with all of your queries shared on info@tabanisecademy.com or to your dedicated academic counsellor within 3 working days.
  • Tabani’s Ecademy  reserves the right to cancel your registration in case there is any breach of the log-in details or provision of inaccurate data is suspected.
  • Should a course be delayed or cancelled, we will inform you immediately.
  • A detailed study plan for the course you have registered for, will be available in the study room.
  • The access to the course videos and relevant study support material will be available on enrolment.
  • The live sessions schedule for the Comprehensive Study Support course will be shared with you atleast a week before the course is due to commence and the links to join the meeting will be included in the course plan available on the study room. The links will become active on the day of the meeting.
  • The recordings of any live sessions will be made available on-line within 48 hours of the session being concluded. Not applicable for courses in The Revision Game product.
  • The assignments (Comprehensive Study Support courses) and mock assessment will be available on the practice platform for all levels.
  • For Comprehensive Study Support and Exam Success courses, feedback on the scripts sent for marking will be shared within 5 working days from the submission due date.
  • E-mail correspondence with the tutor may require 4 working days for the response.
  • The entire support outlined above will be available only for the course you have registered for and till the end of the exam week for the exam attempt specified.
Result Service Monitoring
Tabani’s Ecademy  will be sharing your information such as: registration number, grades, marks etc., for ACCA result service time to time. Accepting the terms and conditions automatically represent your permission to do so.
If you wish to opt out of this option i.e. do not wish to allow Tabani’s Ecademy  to request your information, please send an e-mail at info@tabanisecademy.com
Tabani’s Ecademy  aims to provide all of the support outlined above with reasonable skill and care but does not guarantee that your experience will be completely error-free and that there will be no change in the services being offered from one course to the other.
We do not warrant that the services or servers hosting them will be virus free.
This agreement is not an exclusive arrangement between Tabani’s Ecademy  or one specific learner and we reserve the right to enter into multiple similar arrangements.
All content included on this site: text, graphics, logos, course material, digital downloads and software is the property of Tabani’s Ecademy  or the relevant third-party content that is referenced and is protected by international copyright laws.

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